Apply to Present

Afrotectopia is a space for interdisciplinary innovation and research, and celebrating Black culture and history through the arts, technology and social activism. The annual festival is truly what the community makes it. Here are different ways you can share your work:



A workshop could include teaching a new skill, a demonstration, etc.

RoundTable Discussion

Is there a particular topic you’d like to discuss? Applicants for this would take the role of a conversation moderator.

Community Art Project

This could an interactive exhibit that is welcomes participation throughout the duration of the event (like a wall to write an answer to a prompt), or it could happen in a designated time slot for a group of people to create something together.

A 5-7 minute time slot to present work of yours.

Lightning Talk

For a few hours, you’ll lead a think tank working group on a topic of your choosing - ideally focused on using design thinking to alleviate current societal ails. Be prepared to present the issue, and work with you team to build potential solutions or steps forward

Think Tank