Our Mission

AFROTECTOPIA is a new media arts, culture and technology festival designed to recognize the contributions of Black artists, designers, technologists and activists; as well as build community amongst creatives currently working at the intersection of art, design, technology, activism and Blackness.


At a time when racial injustice and systematic oppression still create large barriers for Black creatives, it is important to cultivate community that allows for easy dissemination of knowledge, opportunities and possibilities in the efforts to realize a more just and equitable world.


Through presentations, open-dialogue, and thoughtful forms of engagement, Afrotectopia intends to create a space that welcomes visionary thinking and explores ways to act.


At Afrotectopia, we are especially passionate about catalyzing Black agency through the celebration of culture and the use of new media arts and technology.


Afrotectopia is a student-led initiative at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program. The inaugural festival was held on March 10th and 11th of 2018 in New York City at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program floor. Afrotectopia was created and produced by Ari Melenciano.



Nancy Hechinger | Garikai Campbell | Todd E. Pettiford | Caroline Papocchia | Dan O'Sullivan | George Agudow | Midori Yasuda | Laurel Bear | Deneesha Lawrence | Yen-An Chen| Robert Ryan | Luna Olavarria Gallegos | Carly Ayers | HAWRAF | Mackenzie Burnett | Jaycee Holmes | Terrick Gutierrez | Stephanie Chambers | Melissa Orz | Sejo Vega-Cebrian | Aaron Parsekian


For helping make Afrotectopia happen <3