The future possibilities of Afrotectopia are so exciting. There's only one thing, it depends on your help!

Afrotectopia: How to Support

Hear the story behind the creation of Afrotectopia, what impact it made in its very first year, and how you can help.


What does your support go towards?

-Creating Afrotectopia 2019: space rental, catering, event staff, marketing, paraphernalia, logistical fees, etc.

-Building smaller scale programming throughout the year



If you are interested in sponsoring Afrotectopia, please contact -- we look forward to hearing from you.


Our Online Campaigns:


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We're on Patreon!

Patreon is a crowd-funding subscription service that allows fans to contribute monetary monthly support, set at their own rate. 

Check out our page.


Kickstarter/Indiegogo coming soon!

In addition to fundraising via sponsors, in order to raise funds for the next Afrotectopia festival and additional programming, we plan to create a crowd-funding campaign via Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Funds from this campaign will go to paying for:

Event Space, Catering, Staff, Paraphernalia, additional programming beyond the main festival, attendee scholarships, and more.